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Aroma Bit offers a unique, world-leading digital of action solution, comprised of its cutting-edge compact smell imaging sensors and digital smell data solutions.


Smell Imaging Sensor

System development kit designed to add smell sensor feature your products & system
[QCM type/CMOS type]
*For corporate customers only.


QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) type: Changes in mass caused by the adsorption/desorption of smell molecules on the membrane surface are detected as changes in the resonance frequency of the quartz crystal unit. The frequency change value for each membrane is measured and converted into numerical data.


CMOS type*: Using the CMOS sensor's ability to store an electric charge on its surface, the sensor converts the data into numerical values by detecting the increase or decrease in the amount of electric charge that occurs when smell molecules are adsorbed/desorbed on the membrane.

Smell Measurement Instrument

*For corporate customers only.

Aroma Coder®V2 Plus-EE

Desktop type, high odor resolution analytical device, equipped with a high-performance smell imaging sensors. Equipped with 40 smell receptor membranes, enabling stable and repeatable, and yet high odor resolution measurement of complex smell samples, with simple, user friendly user interface.
The product is intended to be used for quality control, product development, product comparison for food and beverages, agriculture, consumer goods, cosmetics and other industries .
*CE certified product.


Digital Smell Data Solution, using digital Smell Data acquired from Smell Imaging Sensor and Sensor Measurement Devices.
*For corporate customers only.


Subscription type, cloud-base digital smell database development platform, with built-in data analysis functions. It supports analysis of data acquired from Smell Imaging Sensors, enabling customers to build their own unique digital Smell Databases.

Measurement & Analysis Service

Per-sample base measurement and analysis service, where Aroma Bit measures smell samples provided by customers. High odor resolution "Aroma Coder®V2 Plus Set" is employed for the measurement. Several types of data delivery is available.